Ballet Class Levels

All ballet courses are held at our University District studio at 4556 University Way N.E., the southeast corner of  N.E.47th  and University Way N.E. Enter through the door on N.E. 47th.

Ballet Barre and Exercise

Max Enrollment: 12

Absolutely no experience necessary! The focus of this class is on stretching and strengthening muscle groups with simple ballet and Pilates exercises. Warm up exercises at the barre are followed by center floor mat work, using resistance bands. This class will improve your flexibility, increase strength and reduce stress. The class is an excellent introduction to ballet, and suitable to complement other forms of exercise and dance. The live music will inspire you to keep working! All shapes and sizes will feel comfortable in this class.

Very Beginning Ballet, Beginning  Ballet 2

Max Enrollment: 12

A truly very beginning class designed for novice dancers, or students who have not danced for many years. All shapes and adult sizes will appreciate the artistic aspect as well as the great exercise in this class. We will emphasize proper posture, muscle development, flexibility and grace of movement. Ballet steps are introduced very slowly so that self esteem and ballet technique develop in an entertaining atmosphere with beautiful live music. . Most students take the Very Beginning Ballet class several times before moving to Beginning 2 Ballet. Beginning 2 Ballet is a continuation of the Very Beginning Ballet course, and appropriate for students with previous ballet training.

Beginning-Intermediate Ballet

Max Enrollment: 12

Students with previous ballet training will enjoy the continuation of beginning level ballet into the intermediate level. Students will progress at a comfortable pace while increasing strength and flexibility. Center floor combinations will be introduced slowly in the Beginning-Intermediate level so that students who have not danced recently will feel comfortable. The Tuesday sections will include pointe work. Students who do not want to work en pointe will have about 10 minutes alone with the instructor while the others put their shoes on.

Intermediate Ballet

This class is for students who have either taken our Beginning-Intermediate level and are ready to move on, or for student who have recent ballet experience. We recommend that you take a complimentary placement class to assess your current level.

Max enrollment: 12